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Samsung USA Unlocks NCK+SPCK

Codes are from database If you come up later saying code error

There is no refund strictly.


Service Open 24/7, using this service we provide 4 LOCK :

1. Network Code (NCK)
2. Unfreeze Code (MCK)
3. Subset Code (SCK)
4. Subset Provider Code (SPCK)

Samsung USA Service, RETURN POLICY CHANGES. Please notice, Samsung Services > Samsung USA, we have listed a NOT SUPPORTED section on server notes. All these models are no longer supported by us but can be ordered at your own risk. The reason for this is that the codes are always correct but the Firmware on Samsung causes many codes to fail that are correct on select models. When we send video to vendor, 100% of the time the code is verified as correct and we lose $20+ per video. We decided instead of removing this service completely that we will offer it with strict policy on what models are SUPPORTED. A list can be found below and within the server notes of the NOT SUPPORTED models. Please make sure to read the NOT SUPPORTED model list before placing orders in future, we will update this list with models that we are having multiple fails from in future. We apologize for this but this Service is a complete loss for us to! run and we are minimizing the loss by removing models that have caused us greater loss in past. 

The policy will come into affect 5/9/13 so users that ordered prior to this notice are not affected. 

Not Supported: Verizone and Sprint Networks not supported, Captivate (i897), Galaxy Express (i437), Galaxy S4 (i337/M919), Galaxy S 4G (T959v), Note 2 (i317/T889), Vibrant (T959)

1-7 Days

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